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Art Prompts Projects

Android Application

Get inspired by over 1 000 prompts; receive bonus prompts as rewards, unlock the Myths & Legends category, and more!

Web Application

Find the inspiration you need to draw from any device - PC, Android, and iOS!

Discord Bot

Get over 1000 original drawings prompts to your Discord server, grow and cultivate your community, and unlock a range of premium features with the Art Prompts Discord bot.

Join the Community

As Art Prompts grows, so does its amazing community of artists. Our main place to hang out in is the Art Prompts Discord server.

If you have a Discord account, we would be happy to have you there! On the server, you can showcase your art, chat with other artists, join giveaways, suggest new features for Art Prompts, or enter some of our community events.

Join the Community

Discord Server

Join over 500 other artists on the server, participate in contests, giveaway, chats, and have fun!