Learn more about Art Prompts


Art Prompts is a series of projects dedicated to helping artists find the inspiration they need to draw every day. We provide you with over 2500 drawing prompts to choose from to help give you ideas on what to draw. The project is meant to be used when you don’t have any ideas of your own or when you are having trouble with something like art block.

The prompts are split into Categories in order to be more organized, and allow you to choose a theme that you want to draw. Some categories are available in all the Branches (as discussed later), and some are exclusive to specific parts of AP. The current categories are:

• Animals
• Places
• People
• Fantasy
• Sci-fi
• Horror
• Myths & Legends
• OCs
• History
• Architecture
• Animal Hybrids
• Fan Art (coming soon)
• Steampunk (coming soon)

Every category contains over 100 unique, original prompts for you to enjoy.

Art Prompts is ran by a small team and several volunteers. You can find out more about us in the Credits.

Branches & Categories

Art Prompts is split into several different Branches. These are different projects we’ve been working on – they are offered to you so you can enjoy AP through various media.

The Art Prompts Android app was the first branch, released on the 2nd of January 2020. It contains the Animals, Places, People, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, and Myths & Legends categories. You can download it on Google Play.

The Art Prompts Discord bot came soon after, on the 11th of February 2020. Using the bot, you can bring AP to your own Discord servers and communities. The bot is free to use, with a Premium version coming soon. It contains the Animals, Places, People, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, and (soon) Fan Art categories. You can invite it to your server here.

The Art Prompts Web app was created a while after the Android app as a response to non-Android users. In it, you can access all the main prompts on any device, be it a PC, Android, iPhone, or anything else. The web app contains the original Animals, Places, People, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror categories, as well as the new History, Architecture, Animal Hybrids, and NSFW premium categories.

The Art Prompts Newsletter is bringing inspiration straight to your inbox. When you sign up for the newsletter, you will start getting 1 prompt in an e-mail every day. There are some prompts exclusive to the newsletter included. It contains the Animals, Places, People, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror categories. You can sign up here.

We’re also planning to work on a few smaller branches, including books, sketchbooks, and other merchandise. More information about those will be announced later.

The OCs category of prompts is exclusive to our community Discord server.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us via the Contact page.