Enhance your streams with Art Prompts

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An illustration of a laptop with many Art Prompts logos coming out of the screen.

Over 1 000 original prompts

The Art Prompts Twitch bot offers you access to over 1 000 drawing prompts right in your chat.

An illustration of a dragon, a bloody skeleton, and a river in a desert.

6 different categories

When asking for a prompt, you can specify a prompt category, such as fantasy, places, people, or animals.

An illustration of a person drawing on a graphic tablet, with two other people behind them cheering them on.

Have fun with your viewers

The prompts are available to everyone in your chat – using the bot, you can host events, run contests, and have fun any way you like.

Log inAdd bot to your channel

Please log in to add the bot to your channel.

If you are using a link filter, such as Nightbot, please make sure to add artprompts.app to your URL whitelist. The bot requires to send links in order to work properly. For example, the bot responds with a link to the !artprompt invite command. The bot can also occasionally send links to the other branches of Art Prompts.

Learn to use the bot on its official command list here, or find out what changed since the last version in the bot’s changelog.